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What is a Monarchy?

A monarchy is when the government power belongs to one person, usually called a king or queen. Only kings were allowed to rule in Ancient Greece. Though at first they were selected by citizens, the system eventually changed and power was passed down to the kings sons. Therefore, in a monarchy, kinda inherit their power. The kings also had many advisors, all of which were aristocrats

What did Monarchs do? 

A monarch in Ancient Greece made laws for his people and acted a judge in court. Monarchs were also leaders in religious ceremonies and led the army during war. 

The role of aristocrats

The kings also had many advisors, all of which were aristocrats. The aristocrats also played an important role during war because they were the only citizens who could afford horses and armor. 

The end of Monarchy 

Eventually, the aristocrats became fed up with not having more power within government. They realized they had more power together than the kind alone, and overthrew the monarchy.