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What is a Tyranny?

A Tyranny is a type of government in which one person takes power by force
In Ancient Greece, coins were used to trade for goods and services

How does this person get power?

Usually a tyrant gains power by getting support from common citizens and becoming more popular. They do this by promising they will be a more fair leader and give the people more rights. Examples of these promised include freeing the poor of money the owed, and taking land form aristocrats that did not deserve it. 

Are tyrants good leaders?

In Ancient Greece, most tyrants start out helping citizens as they promised the would. While some remained fair and tried to help the citizens, other tyrants abused their power and treated the people badly. 
This ancient pottery shows the story of an evil tyrant being killed by the people
Drama was a large part of culture in Ancient Greece. Above is a theatre used for performance.

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